Upcoming Shows:

March 12th, 9:00 pm @ The Preservation Pub (Knoxville, Tn.)
April 7th, 9:00 pm @ 3rd St. Dive (Louisville, Ky.)
April 9th, 8:30 pm @ The 5 Spot (Nashville, Tn.)

Past Shows:


January 5th @ The Country
January 13th @ The Basement
January 27th @ The Springwater Supper Club
February 4th @ The Pond (Franklin, Tn.)
February 9th @ The Twin Kegs


January 4th @ The Foo Bar
January 28th @ The Basement East
February 25th @ The Basement East
March 31st @ The Foo Bar
April 15th @ The Basement (EP Release)
April 23rd @ The Basement
May 4th @ The Mercy Lounge
July 1st @ The Pond (Franklin, Tn.)
July 22nd @ The 5 Spot
August 18th @ Twin Kegs
September 17th @ The Night Owl
October 22nd @ The Pond (Franklin, Tn.)
Dec 5th @ The Basement


January 8th @ Springwater Supper Club
January 18th @ The Basement
February 7th @ The Basement
February 12th @ The 5 Spot
February 22nd @ The Basement
March 13th @ The End
March 27th @ Springwater Supper Club
March 28th @ The Basement
April 26th @ The Basement East
May 1st @ The Mouthhole
May 7th @ The 5 Spot
May 15th @ The Foo Bar
May 29th @ The Foo Bar
May 31st @ The Basement East
June 12th @ Springwater Supper Club
June 20th @ Tin Dog Tavern
July 17th @ Springwater Supper Club
August 14th @ Foo Bar
September 13th @ The Basement East
October 10th @ Foo Bar
October 24th @ Foo Bar Beer Garden
Nov 2nd @ The Basement East
November 16th @ Mercy Lounge
November 28th @ The East Room
December 19th @ Foo Bar


February 4th @ The Basement
February 12th @ Springwater Supper Club
February 28th @ Daisy Duke's
April 9th @ Springwater Supper Club
June 21st @ The Rutledge
June 27th @ Back Alley Diner
July 3rd @ The Highwatt
July 5th @ The Foobar
July 28th @ The End
July 31st @ The East Room
August 22nd @ Springwater Supper Club
August 29th @ Foobar
September 23rd @ The 5 Spot
September 29th @ The Highwatt
October 2nd @ Back Alley Diner
October 23rd @ The Foobar
November 18th @ The Basement
November 20th @ The Rutledge
November 28th @ The Basement
December 6th @ The Mercy Lounge
December 31st @ Back Alley Diner