If some sneaky time traveler dropped a 12-inch of Sky Temple Blues’ self-titled EP in a rack at Cat’s Music during the Reagan years, it would be unlikely to arouse suspicion. With ‘70s-vintage hard rock riffage filtered through a Dickey Betts-ian Southern rock lens, it might even be a strong contender for breaking the fabled Nashville Curse.
— Stephen Trageser, The Nashville Cream
Agile psychedelic stoner pop akin to the masters of classic 70’s Rock jammed with arcane riffs mimicking a modern Woodstock in the spirit of Nashvillian Blues. A Walk in the Dark lights a fire so hot you’ll be peddling laps into a tie-dyed western sunrise. Favorite track: A Walk in the Dark.
— Bucky Brown, The Ripple Effect
The self-titled EP from Sky Temple Blues is pastiche of eras and genres that seem to take more influence from time periods than specific bands. The result is that you get a series of brief moments of familiarity, like “I think they might be going for Pink Floyd right there,” but the sound is gone as soon as you’ve finished articulating the thought.
— Austin Phy, The Deli Magazine

Sky Temple Blues makes a tasty medley with self titled EP - The Deli Magazine -

Nashville-based vintage rock 4-piece Sky Temple Blues have bluesy psych-rock pulsing through their veins. With driving rhythms and wailing guitar riffs, the guys are pumping out high-energy Zeppelin-meets-Soundgarden tunes
— Caroline Bowman, The Deli Magazine
Up-and-coming rock group Sky Temple Blues released the video for their new song “Arrow in the Sun”, during which the 1608 makes several appearances.
— API Audio

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